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Ministry of Education

Education Department of Isfahan

Department of Education District 5



Date: 14 Mehr 1387 [5 October 2008]

Number: 411

Enclosure: -----


To: The respected analyst of the Security Office in the Education Department, District 5

From: Farghadani 2 Girls’ High School, Code 35760507

Subject: Belief

We would respectfully like to inform you that the student Atousa Agah, who is studying in the first grade during the 1387-1388 [2008-2009] school year, belongs to the Baha’i Faith and indicated her religion on form 201 during registration.  The above-mentioned individual is referred to you for your information. Please follow the appropriate procedures.

Thank you,

Farghadani 2 High School Management

Zohreh Entezari

[Signature over official stamp]