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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Atash

[Date:]  Monday, 22 Aban 1357 [13 November 1978]


Written by: Seyyed Shamseddin Ghanatabadi

The Dark Governments

Alam, Mansour, Hoveyda, Amouzegar and Sharif Emami

The immense dark disaster of our country started with the government of Asadollah Alam and his right and left wing groups:

Asadollah Alam, who was a true student of the colonialist British government, to the point where the British politicians of the time and Dennis Wright, the former British ambassador, considered Alam’s death a painful disaster and a tragic loss for England…. 

…Gholam Abbas Hoveyda (who has been known mistakenly as Amir Abbas) due to his father’s welcome at the table of Shoghi Effendi in Akka, was very close and friendly towards the Baha’is and their leaders and most of his friends and his associates were of that sect. He formed a cabinet consisting of the Baha’is and the [bought] foreign agents from the right and left wings, and followed the destructive policy of Asadollah Alam and Mansour and his progressive groups. Because of his and his cabinet’s hard core enmity with Islam and the Shi’ite clergy and the basic thought patterns and education of the leftists groups of his government, from the onset he devised and enforced an uncompromising manner with Islam and a humiliating programme with the Shi’ite clericals, and because Hoveyda and his multi-sect and multi-nationality followers had no aim except the destruction of freedom and democracy and no purpose but to loot and plunder the country and its nation…

With Mansour exiting the king’s stage, the lucky charm of the progressive group fell into the hands of Amir Abbas Hoveyda, who had not known much fame up to that day, with the title of the head of the ministers [prime minister] and with his sneaky wisdom, he became the director of this riot…

Hoveyda and his Baha’i, multi-national groups were not aware that, based on Article [64] sixty-four of the Constitution, which clearly states that the ministers are not allowed to use the verbal or written orders of the king as an excuse for a disclaimer for acts such as suffocating  the fetus of Islamic Marxism and destroying the protestors and the critics; because, after all, ministers are those who are responsible to the Iranian people for their actions …