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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

Technical and Engineering University Complex


In the Name of God



Date: 11 Dey 1361 [1 January 1983]

Number: 2067-SH.P

Enclosure: None


Decision of Admission Council

Mr. Ataollah Shahrezaie

Mechanical Engineering student, term 7

Technicum College of the university -----

Student ID Number: -----

Entry year: -----

Units completed: 140

Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.6

You are hereby notified that for the following reasons:

Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect

According to: Your own admission

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 1.d of the executive by-laws for admission of phase two transfer students and phase one suspended students, communicated to universities through 2122-M, dated 6 Azar 1361 [27 November 1982], by the esteemed minister of culture and higher education.

Approval is not granted for the continuation of your education

Moreover, according to the foregoing criteria, you are not allowed to request a certificate—as per the criteria of the Cultural Revolution Council in regard to awarding associate degree certificates and bachelor’s degree certificates to students, ratified on 22 Shahrivar 1361 [13 September 1982].

If you wish to contest the above decision, you can submit your appeal and your exact contact details by registered mail to the Admission Council, Post Office Box 41/3752 – Tehran, along with documents and possible reasons, within five days of the receipt of this letter.


1-Appeals which do not have the exact address of the student will not be processed.

2-The Admission Council will reply to you within 25 days from the receipt of your appeal.

Note: You can continue your education if you repent of your adherence to Baha’ism, and if your repentance is confirmed by competent authorities, and advertised by you in widely-circulated newspapers with a copy sent to the Admission Council.

Secretary of the Admission Council


[Stamp of the Council]


Technical and Engineering University Complex: Technical School – Topography School – Institute of Hydrology – Tehran Technicum Higher Institute – School of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences of the Faculty of Telecommunication – School of Construction – University of Labor and Business – Technical Teacher Training of Tehran Polytechnic – University of Science and Technology – Ministry of Roads Educational Complex – Tehran Technology Complex (National Educational and Research Complex) – School of Television and Cinema.