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The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, may his justice continue


  1. I, Ataollah Mogharrab Ghahab, son of Asadollah, born in 1291 [1912] retired general, entered the army in the year 1313 [1934/1935], and after 30 years of service, in the year 1343 [1964/1965] I was honourably retired.
  2. During my training in the military school, as well as during the higher education course for engineering, I was always a top student and completed the military university successfully.
  3. I served in Tehran, Gorgan, Azerbaijan, and Khuzestan under the most difficult conditions and under severe heat and cold.
  4. After serving for thirty years, under the above-mentioned conditions, while bearing every difficulty, ordeal and bad weather, and devoting the years of my youth and good health, I was retired, and have been receiving my pension from the retirement payroll deduction scheme fund.
  5. In the first identity form that was given to the army and devised for the officers, I wrote “Baha’i” as my belief, and that was always the same throughout my years of service.
  6. Now, a group has decided to enact a new, single article of law, stating that the pension of the Baha’i officers must be discontinued. They are oblivious of the fact that such an action is betrayal in the payment of a trust that they are holding.
  7. Your Excellency, these individuals, knowingly or not, have ruled against the revolution, against the spirit of Islam, against the constitutional law, and against human rights, because:
  1. Your Excellency, as well as other grand ayatollahs, especially Ayatollahs Shariatmadari and Taleghani, may they rest in peace, repeatedly and emphatically stated, both prior to the revolution and after it, that the rights of all minorities, even those who are not officially recognized, will be safeguarded under the rule of Islamic justice, and they mentioned blessed verses such as “Let there be no compulsion in religion, for the truth stands out clearly from falsehood.”[1], and “You will never see any imperfection in the creation of the Most Compassionate,”[2] and similar ones.
  2. About the equality of all citizens before the law, and the prohibition of investigation of one’s beliefs, for the sake of brevity, I will state two of the Articles of the Constitutional Law:
  3. Article 3 paragraph 14: “…the securing of all-inclusive rights for everyone, man and woman, and the creation of just judicial security for everyone and equality for all before the law.”

Article 23: “Investigation into one’s ideas is forbidden. No one can be subjected to questioning and aggression for merely holding an opinion.”

  1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights—the roots and principles of which were acquired from the Holy Books—also regards all human beings as equal before the law. All nations, including Iran, have accepted it.
  2. It is surprising and a source of pity that the rights of the followers of the Jewish, Zoroastrian and Christian faiths, who do not believe in Islam, have been safeguarded in that single Article, but the Baha’is who believe in the oneness of God, in the validity of the Prophet Muhammad, and the holy Imams, regard the Quran as a Holy Book, and consider obedience to the government as one of their religious duties, and have officially announced all of this, are dealt with so very unkindly.
  3. What will they gain from cutting off the meagre income of an old person who has spent the best years of his life in serving [his country]? Is this action in line with the spirit of compassion, mercy and love in Islam, [that states] “We have sent you ‘O Prophet’ only as a mercy for the whole world.”[3]? Is this action according to Islamic justice and fairness? Is this the path to guidance; or, on the contrary, does it create discord and conflict?
  4. Your Excellency, please advise the perpetrators of such actions; counsel them. Order this single Article to be removed, for it is contrary to both the religious law and the constitutional law, as well as being against the spirit of Islam and the Charter of Human Rights.
  5. It would not really matter if several elderly people were to perish and die, but the prestige of the society in Iran and before the world is what matters. Awaiting the command for the repeal of that single Article.

With respectful greetings, Mogharrabi


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