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In the Name of God

Number: M/15/801- 03/3/85, - dated 20/11/1358 [9 February 1980]


From: Storage Section - Vehicles Branch

To: F A Number 1 ARD

Subject: Technician Ataollah Erfani-Najafabadi


According to a phone message from Headquarters, effective Wednesday, 17/11/1358 [6 February 1979], the above-named employee is dismissed from the service and he should be informed of the details.

The above-named employee [illegible] is the storekeeper; he has thus far performed his assigned duties very well, and we have observed no fault or failure on his part during his service in this branch; furthermore, despite the fact that he has only been educated up to high school grade four, in addition to the technical work in the warehouse, [illegible] was given to him, he has performed well in both jobs, and his work has been carried out to our full satisfaction.

Head of Storage Section - Lieutenant Colonel Rahim [illegible]


[official stamp]