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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic

Number: 13954

Date: 12/01/1358 [1 April 1979]



Mr. Ataollah and Mahmoud Momeni, [from city of] Chalous

This is in response to [your] letters dated 6/12/1357 [25 February 1979] and 19/12/1357 [10 March 1979] regarding the damages that occurred at the previous rental office of the Economic Affairs and Finance in Chalous.  Since the damages were caused by civil unrest and an attack by the public and since this office was not involved at all and even sustained damages to its own office, your request for indemnification of losses, claimed from this office is not by law, justifiable.


09/01/1358 [29 March 1979]


Abol-Qasem Geradani

General Manager of the Economic Affairs and Finance of the Mazandaran Province


11/01/1358 [31 March 1979]