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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran


Office of the Revolutionary Prosecutor, Ahvaz

Date: 5 Bahman 1370 [25 January 1992]

Number 88/66/270

Enclosure -----


The Honourable Chief Justice, Branch 3, the Court of Law, Isfahan 1

In reference to letter number 2798 – 23 Azar 1370 [14 December 1991] - it is hereby announced that Colonel Amanollah Misaghi, who was identified as a leader of the Local Spiritual Assembly and a member of Khuzestan Baha'i [community], fled the country in the early days of the Revolution.  In Court Order number 225-Z, dated 18 Mehr 1361 [10 October 1982], issued by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz, he and his immediate family members, including Sholeh Misaghi, were identified as heathens and apostates, and were therefore [adjudged as] not being under the protection of Islam.  As such, all properties, movable and immovable, owned by him and his immediate family members, were turned over to the Islamic Bayt'u'l-Mal [Public Treasury].

The Islamic Revolutionary Public Prosecutor, Ahvaz




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19 Bahman 1370

404/19 H [illegible]