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[Adapted from website:] Asr-e Iran

[Date:] 17 Tir 1390 [8 July 2011]


Do Not Be Surprised If Muslim Children Become Christians!

[By:] Rasoul Jafarian

One of the effects of the escalation of political conflicts in recent years is the departure of our scientific and religious centres from valuable scientific and propagation work in the field of defending religion and confronting the propaganda of Christianity and Baha’ism, which has resulted in their invasion.

This has grown despite the pressure of Christian-Baha’i propaganda in recent years, due to the weakness of the cultural propagation work; failure to study and critique such self-made religions; over-mixing of religion and politics; and above all the annoyances and anger over some wrongdoing which has been attributed erroneously to religion. It is going to cause irreparable damage to the new generation…

The Hojjatieh Society, which was once responsible for preventing Baha’i propaganda, was completely removed from the scene for reasons such as the opposition of some of its leaders to the process of the Revolution and their way of thinking. Sometimes we hear they are still active, [but they] no longer have an anti-Baha’i function.

We do not seek to evaluate this group here, especially since many documents and research [efforts] have been published in this field. In any case, [the Hojjatieh Society] has not been replaced by an organization or institution that can replace it [to undertake] a systematic intellectual struggle against the Baha’is.

Under these circumstances, billions of tomans of the budget were spent on Mahdism-related institutions, which, instead of facing the Baha’i threat, often promoted ideas that are now deviant and not only did not remove the Baha’i threat, but, according to some experts, provided the ground for the emergence of a new Babi movement….

In such a situation, we should not be surprised to hear that, for example, the child of a certain cleric may have become a Christian, or that a young Iranian who has gone abroad to study has become a Baha’i.

One of the centres that emerged from the same institution after the Revolution, was the Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute, which has been working for many years with large budgets and multiple buildings. However, over the past decade, [the institute] has become so involved in politics that it has not only neglected its core responsibilities, but, on the contrary, has contributed to the growth of a deviant movement, which has not had a positive impact on strengthening the religious foundations of youth, and has done nothing particular to confront Baha’ism and Christianity.....

It seems that the cultural and propaganda institutions of the country need coherent planning to deal with these currents, especially to counter the propaganda pressure of Christianity and Baha’ism.