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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ashofteh

[Date:] 22 Azar 1334 [14 December 1955]

[Issue No.:] 49

[Page:] 2


Political Issues - political Influence

Everyone talks about politics, and 99% of the people do not have a clue about politics.

Had only the prime ministers to be assassinated?

And is it...?

Just like a patient whose doctors are unable to diagnose his disease and each one of them has a specific diagnosis and the patient lies in bed moaning, I had squatted behind my short-legged table in my room and was thinking about the foreign policy of the country and my wondering mind could not reach any conclusion, when, unexpectedly, the inquisitive elderly woman entered the room, but unlike always, with charming words, asked me how I was doing ...

...The inquisitive elderly woman pondered and said: “In the morning that woman was here…She was saying that our country has been affected by the policies of Russia, Great Britain and the [United States of] America, and each of these three policies has actions and reactions that we do not understand...”

...I cannot understand the political issues, and honestly, I believe that 99% of our first-class high-ranking authorities do not understand politics as much as a schoolboy. Now, as you say, I will give you a clear and vivid example to [show you] that I am right, and we cannot understand the political issues...

I said: “You probably, like others, have heard that Freemasonry, fabricating religion, and especially the founding of Baha’ism, are ascribed to the British, and you, like others, agree that the British have been influencing our country for several hundred years… Then, apparently, we have to accept that the British support the Baha’is. Naturally, by accepting this [theory], when we see that suddenly there is a riot against the Baha’is in the country, we should think that it is caused by the opposition politics, which is either American or Russian. And since it seems that we think Russians have no influence here at the moment, and on the contrary, Americans are assisting us [are our allies], then this thought comes to mind: perhaps Americans, in return for their aid, are inwardly seeking to eliminate their opposition groups [in Iran], and directly and indirectly the matter finds its way, and there is a lot of noise against the Baha’is! Then, after a few days, we suddenly see that the noise [against the Baha’is] goes away. Now think carefully to find the causes of starting this noise and commotion, and its cessation [withdrawal].

The inquisitive elderly woman thought for a while and said, “This is nothing. If those preconditions were correct, then we can conclude that American policy wanted to eliminate the Baha’is, but their opponent was stronger, [it] prevented it and did not allow it to happen...”