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[Personal information has been redacted.]


30 Bahman 1361[19 February 1983]


The exalted Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone


With respect, it is conveyed that I, Seyyed Asghar Nourgostar, retired employee of the Post Office, Isfahan Province, spent thirty years of the best and most precious period of my youth in serving the relevant ministry with utmost honesty, trustworthiness and sacrifice.  I spent, and, in reality, endured, my precious life in very cold and unbearable climates and under the most difficult conditions.  Now that I have reached old age and have been afflicted by various pains as a result of bearing those severe conditions, the only reward that I have obtained from the Revolution has been that I have been deprived of my retirement pension, which has been the harvest of a whole life of toil and exertion and struggle, for the last one-and-a-half years, because of my belief in the Baha’i Faith.  Clearly, this act is not in accord with Islamic social justice, and is contrary to the strict instructions (of the Imam).  Therefore, I hereby beseech you to attend to this matter and vindicate my rights in accordance with religious and traditional laws.  It appears that the person who has reported from Isfahan is not aware of the Islamic laws and has had a personal agenda.  Otherwise, you and the other top authorities of the country are fully informed of the fact that we are, and have been, in every sense, obedient to the ordinances of the regime of the Islamic Republic.


With respect,


Retired employee of the Post Office, Isfahan Province, Seyyed Asghar Nourgostar