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Ministry of Culture [Education]

Department of Culture [Education] of Khorramshahr County

Date: 31 Month Tir 1332 [22 July 1953]

Number:  19453/22175

Enclosure: -----


Department of Culture [Education] of Khorramshahr

In reference to letter number 1735 - 3 Tir 1332 [24 June 1953], it was determined that due to corruption of ideology, Mr. Asadollah Ramezanali, is unfit to manage the Melli Night School and hence his license was revoked.  As per the regulations, please instruct the forenamed that he is disqualified from any further work at the institution.

On behalf of the Minister of Culture [Education]

Dr. Mosaheb

Copy -- in response to letter number 12 - 30 Mehr 1332 [22 October 1953], sent to Mr. Asadollah Ramezanali for information.

Director of Department of Culture [Education] of Khorramshahr




[Handwritten note, number and date in the middle of the page]


20 Aban 1332 [11 November 1953]