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The Prime Minister


Date:  6/12/1332 [25 February 1954]

Number:  B/5779



Mr.  Asadollah Ramazani, former Principal of Khorramshahr Institute,

In response to your letters number 26, dated 19/09/1332 [10 December 1953], and number 30, dated 19/10/1332 [9 January 1954], addressed to the Honourable Ardeshir Zahedi, in which you requested permission to reopen the institute, we hereby inform you that the Ministry of Education, pursuant to letter number 62177 B /3434, dated 28/11/1332 [17 February 1954], has rejected your request. The reason for closing your institute was “open propagation of the Baha’i belief”, and as such there are no grounds to change the decision.  It is therefore advisable that you refrain from any further requests and communications.

The Prime Minister’s Investigation Office

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