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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Arya (International Morning Newspaper of Iran)

[Date:] 7 Esfand 1378 [26 February 2000]


The Want to Recognize Baha’is

…Mesbah Yazdi, rejecting the opinion of those who consider the Islamic Revolution to be the fulfillment of the people’s demands, said, “So what is the Islamic Revolution? Why were hundreds of thousands of people martyred? For people to come and make their demands, even if it is against Islam? Iran belongs to all Iranians, are all the same? (!) That is to say, a Baha’i is equal to a ‘Religious Jurisprudence Authority’? Today, they seek to recognize the Baha’is with the slogan of ‘Iran belongs to all the Iranians’; is not a Baha’i an Iranian? (!) We do not have first- and second-class citizens. All human beings are human beings, so all the citizens are the same (!) [all the people] have equal rank (!) meaning, that a Baha’i can also become the president? Because he is a human being? Because he is Iranian? (!) Are these human rights? Do we support these human rights? Did we make a Revolution for that?”

Mesbah Yazdi stressed the need to sacrifice one’s life to fight against the various interpretations of religion and said, “Tomorrow the newspapers will write that this has created tension in the society, on the eve of the elections…There is an election at all times, or we are on the verge of being elected in a few months. So let us not talk now! So what about the religion?”