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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Sangesar to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 279; Telegram Number: 12, Number of Words: 73, Date of Original: 26 Azar [1318] [18 December 1939], Date of Receipt: 27 Azar [1318] [19 December 1939]


Ministry of Justice,

Copy to: Cabinet

Copy to: [National Organization for] Civil Registration


I, Seyyedeh Khanum Heyrani, [wife of] Babollah Tebyanian, in accordance with the ordinances of the Baha’i Faith, have married, and informed the relevant authorities on 21 Azar 1318 [13 December 1939]. The public prosecutor of Semnan summoned us, and after interrogation and owing to fanatical prejudices, the public prosecutor ordered and demanded 4,000 rials bond for [the release of] my husband.  He did not accept an official guarantor, and since I am unable to pay the bond due to financial difficulties, I request the bond to be changed to an official guarantor and that [my husband] be released.


Seyyedeh Khanum Heyrani

[Stamp of the Telegraph Office, Tehran]


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