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Ministry of the Interior

Political Office

Date: 7/10/1326 [29 December 1947]

Number: 12760/C/80318



Main Branch of the Office of the Prime Minister,


In reference to [letter] number: 12597-16/9/26-[8 December 1947] regarding a telegraphic complaint from Mr Bagher Nasiri of Golpayegan, the subject was a fight in Marvi Lane in Golpayegan which was reported through [letters] number 14553/C/10205-7/9/26-[29 November 1947] and 14129/C/- 29/7/26-[22 October 1947], which were brought to your attention.


Minister of the Interior,

[Signature: on behalf, Fereidouni]


[Margin: 1] stamp: received at the Minister’s Head Office, number: 20028, date: 8/10/26- [30 December 1947]

[Margin: 2] previous 9/10/26-[31 December 1947]

[Margin: 3] complete the background, 13/10/26-[4 January 1948]