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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[illegible] of Examination Book, page 20

Name: Arash, Family Name: Behin-Ain, student of Nabuvat school, Second grade [middle school], Academic Year: 1361–1362 [1982-1983]



[This form is the transcript of the school records of a second year [middle school] student Arash Behin-Ain of Nabuvat school demonstrating highest numbers in all courses as well as a high Grade Point Average for the academic year 1361-1362 [1982-1983]. The hand written note on the top corner of the page is from the school headmaster]


In the Name of God

Given that Arash Behin-Ain could not comply with the weekly program [illegible] of this school due to the fact that his father and mother are Baha’is, he was excused from attending class.


Akbarian, Nabuvat School Headmaster


[official stamp]