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Tehran, dated: 3/3/1339 [24 May 1960]

Personnel number: 3424/3

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Bank-e Meli Iran

Central: Tehran


[List of the telegraph addresses of branches of the bank in Tehran]


Mr. Jafar Rahmani Yeganeh

In response to your request, your retirement is accepted effective 8/3/1339 [29 May 1960], and from that date you shall receive a monthly payment of 13,720 rial (thirteen thousand seven hundred and twenty rial) as your pension.

At this time, after years of service and assistance towards the advancement of Bank-e Meli Iran, you enter a period of rest. Bank-e Meli Iran regards it as its duty to express its appreciation and gratitude for your years of honest and dedicated service and hard work.


Bank-e Meli Iran