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Date: 134---- [196----]

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Ministry of Roads and Transportation

Iran State Railways


2/9615- [date:] 6/2/1341 [26 April 1962]

Railways Health Services

Subject: Confirmation of the decision regarding Mr. Naimi - 4263

In reference to letter number 4/1581, dated 1/2/1341 [21 April 1962], as previously advised in letter number 26155, dated 7/2/1340 [27 April 1961], the Pension Head Office declines to ratify the formal appointment of Mr. Badiollah Naimi, since it contravenes the provisions of the confidential circular issued by the Premier’s Office and national employment regulations. Therefore, please advise the aforementioned of this ruling. If he so wishes, he may complete another employment application form in which he is to state a religion other than the one that has been deemed unacceptable, and send it to this department so that confirmation of  his employment can be made to the representatives of the Pension Head Office.

Head of Office of Personnel – Varnous

Transcript is submitted to the Head of Health Services Administration, Mr. Naimi

Transcript is sent to the Health Services Accounts Department.

Railways Health Services