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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Abadeh to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 141; Telegram Number: 97, Number of Words: 234, Date of Original: 16 Farvardin 1323 [5 April 1944], Date of Receipt: 17 Farvardin 1323 [6 April 1944]


Honourable Prime Minister,

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: Ministry of War

Copy: Gendarmerie of Tehran

Copy: Army Commander

Copy: Governor General

Copy: Gendarmerie

Copy: Parekeh Badayat of Shiraz


Following previous telegrams regarding the situation of the oppressed Baha’is of the villages of Abadeh, such as Soghad, Bahman, and Eghlid, and the transgression of seditious and subversive elements who have been incited by by Seyyed Mohammad Qayyumi a cleric of Abarghou who has been supported by some of the [local] authorities as well as local troublemakers, has not been eased thus far:  not even one [Baha’i] is able to go to his own home. The [only] action taken by the authorities in capital was to refer the complaints to the local authorities who themselves are provoking the hostility. They respond [to these requests] as they please, and put the blame on these oppressed ones and thereby pretend that the quarrel has ended. As our complaints have not been attended to, the troublemakers and the wicked have become emboldened and expand the religious disputes and increase fire of sedition to an even fiercer level, such that it [now] also extends to other areas.  With the utmost disappointment, we hereby present our grievances and plead for your urgent attention to the [removal of] of those responsible for the former transgressions and [prevention of] future such events. In the event that the authorities are unable to prevent the ongoing oppression, kindly permit us to defend our rights and do not allow our women and children to become captives of the oppression and violation of mischief-makers and vile persons; in other words, enable us to become the protectors of our own lives, means, and honour.


Morteza Kosar, Reza Kosar, Mirzajan Safai, Hasan Akhzari, Abbas Pakbaz.


[Handwritten note:] Number 97, 23 Farvardin 1323 [12 April 1944]