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Birjand, date: 31/4/1325 - [22 July 1946]


Honourable Ahsraf[1], Prime Minister Qavam, may your greatness continue


With absolute reverence and respect, we bring to your attention that on 9/4-12/4-14/4- [1325] [30 June 1946 and 3 and5 July 1946] humble petitions addressed to Your Excellency were sent by telegram regarding the sudden disturbance and riot led by Mirza Hosein Estila, Kheyrieh and Ghaychi, which resulted in the homes of these wronged ones who are a group of obedient and peaceful farmers of this sacred country being made the target of invasion and hostile attacks. Besides looting and stealing our belongings and furniture they destroyed the buildings such that it is no longer possible to live in the dwellings. This invasion, in which a number of families have lost all they had, was the result of personal motives and interests by a group of wicked troublemakers. Money is needed to obtain some furniture and repair our homes.  We were expecting that by your having received our telegrams, you would issue orders necessary to prevent the spread of these riots to the areas of Qaenat and for the arrest and punishment of the perpetrators. As no response has been received we think that our humble petition has not reached you; otherwise how it can be that a person such as Your excellency whose fame as an advocate for freedom has reached all over the world and has given hope to the people of the country of the Imperial Majesty for justice, benevolence, and well-wishing, has not issued strict orders regarding this matter?


Although two special interrogators were sent by the respectable Governor General of Khorasan to examine and investigate the occurrence, during their stay here the needed action was taken and a few of the troublemakers and their leaders were imprisoned and calmness returned; however, following their departure,  since no appropriate action has been taken to ease and comfort our hearts. After 12 days, Kheyrieh, who is one of the seditious villains, and Ramazanol-Ghadri who is a famous rascal and corrupt person, both of whom were responsible for the destruction of most of the houses, were released from detention, which increased their boldness and wickedness. When those who have made some families homeless, and who assaulted and injured 3 to 4 people, are only imprisoned for 12 days, it is certain that their boldness and wickedness will increase in future. They will excite a bigger disturbance and yet more sedition and will not be afraid of repercussions under the law, as these criminals are influenced by people such as Samady Bazargan, whom is employed by Kheyrieh. If tomorrow they murder these wronged ones, they do so with the certainty that the law will not punish them and that even if they are arrested it will not be for more than a few days. For this reason we make our plea for justice to you, the Honourable Ahsraf, asking that you order the punishment of these perpetrators and instigators and ensure that there will be no pardon and forgiveness for them and  [further] that you issue the orders required for the discovery of the stolen properties. 


Honourable Ahsraf, we request that you look into our background of these devoted servants so as to become informed of it, , so that it becomes clear to you that throughout their lives this small group of people has had no wish other than to live in peace and be the well-wishers of the government and the nation. We were always the first to help the destitute and have always obeyed with pride the instructions of our sovereign government and, as much as we could afford financially, we never stopped helping our neighbours and citizens. Now the same neighbours came from time to time on the 8/4/ [1325] [29 June 1946] and 9/4/ [1325] and since there were no doors or windows [left on the buildings] stole whatever was in them. This is how they re-pay all the kindness which we have showed them. Consequently, if there is a short-coming in investigating  and prosecuting the perpetrator, there will be no security for our lives and our belongings, the proof of which is that on 29/4/ [1325] [20 July 1946] at 11 in the morning one box of household items which was left at the home of Tarazollah Rezvani was stolen. Fortunately, with the intense cooperation of the Head of the Police Force it was discovered and returned.  In conclusion, we beseech Your Excellency once again for justice and adjudication to and we are and were impatiently waiting for investigation and punishment of the perpetrators.


Devoted servants: Gholam-Hosein Sabeti [signature], Tarazollah Rezvani [signature],Kouchak Majidi [signature], Zabihollah Masjouni [signature], Nourollah Rezvani [signature], Mohammad-Hosein Sabet-Ghadam[signature], Enayatollah Rezvani [signature], Hosein Rezvani[signature] , Mohammad-Ali Sabeti [signature], Zabihollah Nabili [signature]


[Stamp: received at the Office of the Prime Minister, number: 3960/2, date: 24/5/1325]-[15 August 1946]

[Stamp: Registered at the Office of the Ministry of the Interior, number 9027, date [30/5/1325]-[21 August 1946]

[Handwritten Note 1:] Ministry of the Interior.

[Handwritten Note 2:] Police Force, 30/5/1325-[21 August 1946]

[Handwritten Note 3:]Mr Taheri.

[Handwritten Note 4:] umber 13618/N-2/6.




[1] [Ashraf means “The Most Noble”, it is the title of Prime Minister Ahmad Ghavam; it was given to him by Iranian shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi].