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In the Name of God, the Most High


The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

I respectfully entreat you by the wrongs suffered by the sole greatest oppressed one in the history of Islam, to intercede as the saviour of this oppressed family, and at least turn your attention to the following statements, and thus fulfil your religious mission in defending the oppressed and the discriminated.

As indicated by the contents of the enclosed copy of the issued verdict, I have been one of the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the government of the time. I served as a civil engineering technician in Tonekabon, and after 24 years of service, I was retired through the ruling issued according to Article 74 of the Law and in observance of Article 85 of the Retirement and Disability Act.

During this time, I had been struggling with the meagre retirement pension through the ups and downs of life, when the verdict for my dismissal and termination of my pension was issued. Considering that the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that all members of the nation are equally protected by the law; and that the life, property, rights and occupations of people may not be violated; I have been treated unfairly and unjustly.

Esteemed President of the nation! I am an Iranian citizen who has spent 24 years of my life and youth serving to the best of my ability in the far flung corners of this country, in the scorching heat of summer and the freezing frost of winter. Is it fair that a lifetime of efforts be subject to hostility and go to waste?

To prevent shattering of the foundations of basic rights, I appealed my case through the Ministry in a letter according to Article 11 of the Administrative Violations Review Act regarding dismissed employees. Unfortunately, my rational and legitimate request that, legally and morally, should have been considered and been made subject to [illegible] was not favoured. Considering the loss of livelihood, the exorbitant cost of living, and the existing inflation, you certainly would admit to the situation of dire hardship that I find myself in, and would acknowledge the difficult conditions that would befall me at this stage of life, as a dismissed employee and with no other income.

In light of the above, and with reference to the promise given by the men of the Islamic Republic, that offices function in accordance with Islamic standards, and that they will hasten to plead the cases of the afflicted and the outdriven, and in realization of the Human Rights with the support of which the head of the Islamic Republic is adorned, and also considering the fact that my family and I are human beings in need of protection; I thus, plea to your compassion, am stretch my imploring hands towards you, and beg you - based on humanity and compassion that is instinctive to all social beings – to arrange that I may, as an employee with 60 years of age and a family, receive my pension for the remaining years of my life, under the protection of the government of the Islamic Republic.


Respectfully – Bahram Nabi


The copy of the above is presented to the esteemed Ministry of Agriculture as a plea for of my rights as a citizen. I respectfully request a review and revision of the issued verdict number 18663/630 – [date] 24/4/1360 [15 July 1981], in compensation for undue hardship the emotional trauma that I have suffered, and with reference to Article 11 of the Administrative Violations Review Act and its amendments.


Respectfully, Bahram Nabiollahi