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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Shiraz to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 22324; Telegram Number: 2007, Number of Words: 303, Date of Original: 18 Khordad 1325 [8 June 1946], Date of Receipt: 19 Khordad 1325 [9 June 1946]


The Presence of His Honour Prime Minister – Tehran


In a time that is so auspicious that a capable statesman such as your highness is being placed at the head of [the government of] this country and the barriers to public tranquillity are being removed one after another due to your blessed will, the Baha’i community of Neyriz deems it necessary to bring to your attention its deplorable situation. It has now been a full century that the Baha’is of Neyriz, with unity and sincerity, have been associating, dealing with, and intermarrying with the Muslims, and have even taken part in one another’s religious gatherings. Recently Seyyed Mohiyeddin Fali has come to Neyriz, taking advantage of the current public disturbances [which have preoccupied the authorities], and is flagrantly encouraging the general public to kill the innocent Baha’is and plunder their properties and belongings. Time and again this matter has been brought to the attention of the authorities, who have been begged to prevent such actions. Truthfully, the respectable authorities have not ceased from advising and counselling [the responsible cleric], but unfortunately there has not been any positive effect. Recently he has intensified his efforts and on the sixth of Khordad [27 May 1946] he suddenly has moved his pulpit to the middle of the bazaar [market] and without any explanation, has encouraged the people to attack and assault the Baha’is and as a result the vulgar th thugs have begun swearing at the Baha’is and do not even spare young children and students [boys and girls]. In this situation, we do not have any assurance of life or livelihood and therefore, as our final plea for a remedy, we come to you for assistance and beg you to send a telegram directing the relevant authorities to uphold the safekeeping of the innocent; otherwise, more calamitous and disastrous events than [those that occurred in] Shahroud will take place in Neyriz.  At this important and historical moment at which all the nations [of the world] are making efforts to secure equal rights with the [civilized and] advanced countries of the world by proving their worthiness, Mr. Fali has re-started the religious wars of the Middle Ages  in Neyriz.


On behalf of the Baha’is of Neyriz, Ali-Asghar Mansouri


[Stamp, registered at the Office of the Prime Minister, number 13847, Date: 20/3/1325 (10 June 1946)]