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Date: 20 Bahman 1359 [9 February 1981]

Supreme Judiciary Council


Following my telegraph dated 26 Dey 1359 [16 January 1981] about the martyrdom of my husband, Professor Manouchehr Hakim, which is regarded as one of the most shameful and tragic assassinations of the year—the assassination of a righteous, chaste, kind and compassionate physician who had dedicated more than 40 years to treating patients from various walks of life, and [treated] the needy people free of charge, and was the source of greatest medical services to the nation! I earnestly request you to urgently identify and bring to justice the assassin or assassins who caused such sorrow, regret and astonishment to all.

It is necessary to inform you that, although authorities have denied having any information about the assassination of my husband, during this time of mourning and sorrow, they confiscated my residential house and all its belongings by the order of the revolutionary prosecutor.

Thus, I earnestly request your assistance to follow, arrest and bring to justice those who are responsible for this coldblooded and inhumane killing, and also order the recovery of my residential house, its contents and my vehicle.

I ask you in the name of the just God and justice, and request your assistance, and trust that you will act according to Islamic justice.


[Illegible] Landoy - Hakim