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In the Name of God


Name: Fedros

Surname: Shabrokh

Name of the Father: Ataollah

Prosecuting Office:

Number of decision:

Accusation: Being Baha’i,


His honour Hojjatol-Islam, Mr. Ghorbani,

Esteemed Sharia Judge of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Zahedan


Respectfully: Following the discussions at the court hearing on 7 Ordibehesht 1365 [27 April 1986] regarding file number 1/64/156/16, as per the court statements on 12 Aban 1364 [3 November 1985], and its pertinent investigations at the Revolutionary Public Prosecutor’s Office of Zahedan, it is submitted herewith, for your information, that as a law-abiding Baha’i individual adhering to the sovereign government, I am forbidden from interfering in political matters [by my religion] and always in my life have proved my sincerity and honesty. The Baha’i administration, which is merely religious in nature, is not [any] different; therefore, its cessation [of activities] was naturally followed after the formal announcement of the respected public prosecutor general of the Islamic Republic in Shahrivar 1362 [August 1983].


Unfortunately, [I was forced to make confessions] by torture in Evin, and dictate meaningless and unfounded statements, which went against Articles 38 and 39 of the Constitution, and also, as your highness did observe in the mentioned meeting, under the indictment form, the accused [me] was illegally forced to attest to its untrue contents before entering the court. The Baha’i individuals are faced with groundless accusations, such as espionage, enmity with the sovereign government, the Islamic Republic of Iran, denial of the truth of the holy Faith of Islam, and [providing] financial assistance to Israel as well as other unsubstantiated [accusations], which are devoid of judicial value. The innocence of the [Baha’i] accused is apparent to the fair and well-acquainted, respected officers of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The above-mentioned baseless allegations have undermined my and my family’s human rights in many ways. It is requested, therefore, from the esteemed Sharia judge, to pay thoughtful attention to my situation as an Iranian Baha’i individual regarding the following matters [so that they may] become clarified and relevant actions be taken:

  1. The situation of my work, the confiscated shop and its contents [separately], such as printing equipment, my shop and its contents, after more than 50 months of uncertainty.
  2. The situation of my home, together with all the furniture and other contents of daily use, which has been confiscated, and has caused the vagrancy and homelessness of my family for over 50 months of uncertainty.
  3. The situation of the telephone of the house of my brother, which has been cut off simply because his surname is also Shabrokh.
  4. Assurance of judicial safety as an Iranian Baha’i individual.
  5. Removal of the stain of defamation by baseless and unfounded accusation regarding the tortures I have been subjected to.
  6. Assurance of social rights as an Iranian Baha’i family, such as education, registration of the marriage in the birth certificate, permission to travel abroad, etc. 


Finally, I request the elimination of the effect of my destroyed and lost human and lawful rights.



Fedros Shabrokh



[Illegible Stamp]

[Copy:] Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Republic, Zahedan, for information and any relevant action.

The Security Officer approves the fingerprint of the above prisoner. Officer Mahmoudi, Head of the Prison.

Forward it to the Prison Manager.


[Date:] 14 Ordibehesht 1365 [4 May 1986]

[Handwritten note at the end of the page]

In the Name of God

Respectfully, the mentioned prisoner is worthy of support and assistance. His request has been conveyed herewith.


[Date:] 14 Ordibehesht 1365 [4 May 1986]