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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Book number: -----


Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone


From: Sangsar

To: T [Tehran]

Invoice number: 304

Telegram number: 2

Number of words: 54

Original date: 5 [Mordad 1316] [27 July 1937]

Notes: -----

Date of receipt: 6 Shahrivar [1316] [28 August 1937]

Name of the recipient: -----


Mr. Prime Minister,

Copy to the Ministry of the Interior

For forty days, nine innocent [members] of our guardians are imprisoned [in] Sangsar police headquarters for being Baha’i. Now it has been fourteen days [since] Major Imam-Gheysi arrived for the interrogation. We requested their release [but] were faced with severe verbal threats. We [are] helpless [and] disturbed. With utmost despondency, [we] beg for [their] judgement and release.

Desperate wives of the prisoners: Bahiyyeh Baghaei; Zahra Mazloum; Taheriyeh Taeidi; Golbanou Peymani; Omeh Salimeh Taei; Goldaneh Parvin; Shams Jahan Rahmanian; Soghra Shahriari; Rezvaniyyeh Laghaei; Zahra Hossein Zolfi; Kheyrnesa Sobhani


[Stamp: ] Received at the Prime Minister’s Cabinet] Date: 7 Shahrivar 1316 [29 August 1937]  

Number: 8442

[Note on top of page] Confidentially ask the police what the story was in this regard. If they closed [their shops/businesses], contrary to the regulations, suitable punishment based on the law must be imposed, so that these individuals do not pretend to be oppressed.