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[Personal information has been redacted.]


1 Aban 1359 [23 October 1980]


President, Mr. Abolhasan Bani Sadr

His Highness Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani, Minister of Interior

His Highness Ayatollah Ghoddousi, Prosecutor of the Revolution

His Highness Ayatollah Mousavi-Ardabili, Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic

His Highness Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani, Head of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Supreme Judicial Council


With utmost respect, and as previously reported with appeals for justice, at 4:00 pm on 30 Mordad [1359] [21 August 1980], in Naft street, a number of armed individuals arrested the following persons:


  1. Mrs. Bahiyyeh Naderi
  2. Manouher Ghaem-Maghami
  3. Dr. Hosein Naji
  4. Ebrahim Rahmani
  5. Houshang Mahmoudi
  6. Ataollah Mogharrabi
  7. Abdol-Hosein Taslimi
  8. Yousef Khorasani Ghadimi
  9. Dr. Kambiz Sadeghzadeh
  10. Dr. Heshmatollah Rowhani
  11. Dr. Yousef Abbasian


These people are the heads of their families. They have been taken to an unknown place.  It is now over two months since they were arrested, yet despite great efforts and searching and inquiries to the esteemed authorities and responsible persons, we still have no information about their fate.

The undersigned persons are convinced that the reason for the arrest of the above-mentioned individuals is solely their belief in the Baha’i Faith.  Yet our principles and beliefs as Baha’is have been explained repeatedly to the esteemed authorities, including your Honour. In the Baha’i scriptures and writings, which are [readily] available, it is stated that an important principle is non-interference with political affairs, obedience to the government, and service to the head of the country and the people.  Praise be God, during the 20 months that have passed since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, if judged with fairness, it will be seen that, in truth, the Baha’is have proven their adherence to these beliefs both in word and deed. In situations of injustice and cruelty they have taken no path except to appeal to and seek answers from the authorities, and have abstained from any betrayal, scheming, or conspiracy.

In view of the many previous appeals and the above explanation, we ask that you pay special attention to the requests of the undersigned, and order an investigation into the manner of arrest and the place of imprisonment of the above-mentioned individuals, to facilitate their release.


Signatures of the families:

  1. Dr. Mahindokht Rowhani [Signature]
  2. Dr. Sorayya Abbasian Milani [Signature]
  3. Noushin Naderi [Signature]
  4. Ahmad Khorasani Ghadimi [Signature]
  5. Heshmat Ghaem-Maghami [Signature]
  6. Jinous Mahmoudi [Signature]
  7. Vahideh Mogharrabi [Signature]
  8. Norasteh Rahmani [Signature]
  9. Bahereh Taslimi [Signature]
  10. Jaleh Sadeghzadeh [Signature]
  11. Vajdiyyeh Naji [Signature]


Address: [Redacted]