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Date: 13 Aban 1331 [4 November 1952]

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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate General of the Eighth Province




Ministry of the Interior,

In response  to letter number M/9902/2274 of 3 Aban 1331 [25 October 1952], attached to the copy of the letter of the National Gendarmerie, regarding the incident on 8 Mehr 1331 [30 September 1952] in the Village of Hasan-Abad of Rafsanjan—which [instructed us] to bring the matter to the attention of the Ministry of the Interior—I regret to inform you that, although the detailed reports of the incident were sent to that ministry through correspondence number 9334 on 10 Mehr 1331 [2 October 1952], number 9574 on 15 Mehr 1331 [7 October 1952] and number 10216 on 27 Mehr 1331 [19 October 1952], [it seems that] the esteemed minister of the interior had not been informed of those reports, the circumstances of which are enquired about.

At the present time, through monitored vigilance, the situation of the locality has become calm and peaceful. Since the Governorate of Rafsanjan, as per the final decision of the Security Council of the locality, has ordered the summoning of the preacher Mr. Ansari, who, before the event, was in Rafsanjan, and was also identified as the instigator of the incident, I summoned him to come to Kerman. For the last three days he has been in Kerman and his actions have been imperceptibly monitored.

In any case, at the moment, with the necessary preparations, there is no need to worry about the circumstances in Rafsanjan.


The Governor General of the Eighth Province