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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Office: Confidential

Section: ----

Sample: 11


Date: 12 Azar 1322 [4 December 1943]

Number: 3777

Attachment: yes


The Office of the Prime Minister,


Pursuant to letter number 3226, dated 7 Aban 1322 [30 October 1943] with regard to the actions of the government of Iraq for the expulsion of the Iranian Baha’is from that country, the response to this matter from the [Iranian] Imperial Embassy from Baghdad is forwarded for your attention.


Any response received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq to the queries of the embassy will be reported later on.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs (signature)



[Note 1:] Stamp: Arrival at the office of the ministers, Number: 18480, Date: 17 Azar 1322 [19 December 1943]


[Note 2:] For the archives