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Special copy of the pronouncement of the verdict against the accused

Form number 1

In the Name of God

In the Name of God

Verdict number 174, dated 15/6/1362 [6 September 1983]

Administered by:  The Primary Board for the Restructuring of Human Resources, Central Branch, National Railway Company.

Nature of Allegation: Membership in the perverse Baha'i sect

Proceedings: The file containing accusations against Mr. Amir, Last Name: Haji Bashiri son of Ali was reviewed by the Board.

Born in 1319 [1940]

Birth certificate [illegible]: Issued in [redacted]

Position: Retired railway employee

Record of service: Base 15 years   

Work Location: Railway

Employment number: [redacted]

Education: Primary School and to Grade 9 High School

single/ married 

In its meeting of 15/6//1362 [6 September January 1983] the Board considered the documents presented and declares its verdict as follows:


In view of the file records, the report of the investigating group ...x..., and related documents, as well as additional circumstantial evidence in the file, the truth of the allegation against the accused appears clear and evident to the Council, and the offence of the named accused corresponds with Membership in the perverse Baha'i sect, Paragraph 8 - Section 29

Pursuant to the Human Resources Restructuring Act, [applicable to] Government Ministries and Affiliated Organizations, enacted on 6/7/1361 [28 September 1981] and Paragraph 11 of Section 10 of said Act, the accused is sentenced to permanent dismissal from employment. This order, which refers to Section 46 of the above-mentioned Act is final and enforceable. Appeal may be made at the Review Office within 10 days from service [of the verdict] upon the accused (whether in person or through other legal means).

The Primary Board of: Central Branch, National Railway Company

[signature over official stamp]