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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran


General Staff of the Armed Forces

(Complaints and Incidents)

Number: /1802/9/44

Date: 7/8/1374 [29 October 1995]

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From: Assistant Investigator S K N M

To: Mr. Aminollah Khozoei

Subject -----


In accordance with the paragraph 40 of the Employment in the Armed Forces Act, proof of recognition and acceptance of the religion of Islam requires a document written by one of the religious authorities indicating that the applicant has recanted his previous beliefs and has accepted the exalted religion of Islam, and also the publication of these details in one of the country’s widely circulated newspapers. Therefore, it is necessary that you send the aforesaid documents to this office for examination, so that the necessary action may be taken toward the reinstatement of your entitlement.

General Ali Sayyid-Shirazi, Deputy Investigator of the Armed Forces’ General Staff

Deputy General Guard Mohamad Nabi Rodaky


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