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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan-e Havaie

[Date:] 13 Mehr 1373 – 5 October 1994

[Issue No.:] 1101

[Page:] 14


Manouchehr Movahhedi – The United States of America

. . . It was expected that the anti-revolutionary, with his blind mind, envy, enmity, and low self-esteem in relation to the realities and advances of beloved Iran and the government of the Islamic Republic, would try to create a second Salman Rushdie out of Saiedi Sirjani. Otherwise, no honest and truth-seeking human being could accept that a publication published with monies from the corrupt Ashraf Pahlavi, Zionism supporters and wealthy assemblies of Baha’is would write and publish the existing realities of Iran. These publications are getting paid to spread lies and slander, and fill the hearts of the Iranians living abroad with imaginary disappointment, diversion, fear and anguish, as much as they can. The low level of the language, which at times seems to reflect the laughable speech of retarded individuals (from the mental and cultural point of view), is not because they have underestimated the intelligence of their readers; rather, on the contrary, their ignorance and commodification has not given them an opportunity to do any better. The editors of this publication can only move their pen as long as the budget allocated by Ashraf Pahlavi continues to go into their pockets, [which means] conscience in exchange for money. This is the philosophy of the monarchy-supporting newspaper of Kayhan…

…When Salman Rushdie's defenders include the Fadaian [-e Islam -Devotees of Islam], the Mojahedin [People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran], the Baha’is, the fugitive Jews living in California, the United States, Israel, and Britain, and at a time when the “Global Union of the Jews” repeats the same rubbish as the monarchy-supporting Kayhan, and the Iran Times and its like dance to the same beat, is it possible not to suspect the affiliation of people like Sirjani?

And should we be seriously fascinated by people like the known Sontag and Mailer?  No. Such infatuation is for those who eat from the bag of the fugitive Jews and Baha’is, and whose publications are dictated by those same assemblies …

…Saiedi Sirjani and Salman Rushdie are both executors of British satanic conspiracies, as in the past when the founders of the discriminatory and illegitimate state of Israel (such as Ben Gurion) acted in this manner; and in the same way that when Abdul-Baha was honoured by receiving a knighthood, and Abbas Effendi, by receiving the title of (Sir), they had expressed their “self-sacrifice” and “servanthood” to the king of England…