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Many reliable documents exist that substantiate the allegations against the Iranian Baha’i Assemblies [and] their members, regarding their cooperation with SAVAK[i] and the abhorred Pahlavi Regime, and [the carrying out by these same Assemblies of] the plans of the House of Justice and their [other] satanic undertakings and missions. A request is accordingly made for the granting of a religious decree [with respect to the Baha’i Assemblies and their members] as the allegations against the accused are proven.

Assistant to the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Hamadan, written on 17/7/1359 [9 October 1980]

The Bill of Indictment has been sighted by the accused on 20/7/1359 [12 October 1980]

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[i] The former [Pahlavi] regime’s intelligence service