Ali Sattarzadeh

Born: 1955, Mahabad

Murdered by gun-shots in Bukan, Mahabad on 28th October 1979


Ali Sattarzadeh was born into a Baha’i family.  His father, Balal Sattarzadeh, was killed when Ali was a young boy. Ali was raised by his mother.  After completing his education, he pioneered to Daylar, a village in Urmia to propagate the Baha’i Faith. He returned to Mahabad in 1978, and later pioneered to Amirabad, a goal area for Bukan, Kurdistan.  He commuted daily to Bukan for work.

On 24 October 1979, while on his way back to Amirabad, Ali Sattarzadeh was attacked and shot in the arm and back.  His wounded body was taken to hospital where he passed away shortly thereafter.  His body was laid to rest in a public cemetery in Bukan on 28 October 1979 in accordance with Baha’i law.


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