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Police Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran



Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 4 Tir 1386 [25 June 2007]

Number: 21/9/14/86/2/89381



From:  Human Resources Assistant—Operations Centre

To:  The Honourable Chief of Social Security of the Armed Forces Organization

Subject:  Retired civil employee, equivalent to First Lieutenant, Ali-Mohammad Roosta, son of Reza, FN [File number:  25 Ordibehesht 1386] [15 May 2007]



Supported by letter number 178/708/09/186 – 25 Ordibehesht 1386 [15 May 2007]

Issued by the Administrative and Human Resources Assistant of the Ministry of Defence and Support to the Armed Forces, in light of compliance with the agreed conditions in Note 5 of the legal bill concerning prohibition on employing individuals who are not believers in one of the [officially recognized] religions:  Islam, Zoroastrian, Judaism, and Christianity:  there is no objection to transferring his aforementioned service status from expulsion to retirement from (27 Mehr 1381 [19 October 2002]).  The period from the date of expulsion (15 Farvardin 1359 [4 April 1980]) until (27 Mehr 1381 [19 October 2002]) is regarded as a service gap.  In view of the lack of information in the human resources system, the issuance of an on-line ruling through the computerised system is not possible.  You are directed to issue the necessary instructions for the agreed decision of (27 Mehr 1381 [19 October 2002]) to reinstate the retirement pension of the above-mentioned person based on his working salary while employed, to be implemented.


Human Resources Assistant of NAJA[1]

2nd Brigadier General [Revolutionary] Guard Moharram Mojarrad

On behalf of Colonel [Revolutionary] Guard Mojtaba Bakhtiari



  1. Honourable Chief of the Ideological- Political Bureau of NAJA response provided in relation to afore-mentioned letter, [This is] for your information.
  2. Honourable deputy of SAHFA[2] of NAJA response provided in relation to afore-mentioned letter, [This is] for your information.
  3. Honourable Financial Affairs Director General of NAJA for information and the appropriate action.


[1] [Acronym: The Police Force of Islamic Republic of Iran]

[2] [Acronym: Office of Security of Information]