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[Personal information has been redacted.]




Respectfully, I would like to convey the following:

I, Ali-Mohammad Roosta, born in [redacted], an [civilian] employee of the Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, reached the equivalent rank of First Lieutenant, and retired in 1351 [1972/1973].

On 15 Farvardin 1359 [4 April 1980], in accordance with the enclosed court order, my retirement pension was discontinued owing to my being a Baha’i.  In the past years, I have continuously sought justice by appealing to the relevant authorities (the Pension Fund Office, the Islamic Republic Police Force, the Presidents of the time, etc.).

In 1381 [2002/2003], during one of my visits to the Pension Fund Office, while following up former letters of complaint I was informed that my file had been referred to the Ministry of Defence.  After I contacted the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces, I was given a form which contained personal details and a pledge to avoid propagation [of the Baha’i Faith].  After I completed the form and handed it in to the authorities at the Ministry of Defence, I was told that the file would be reviewed and that I should keep in contact with this Ministry in order to follow up on the progress [of my case].

Since that date, I have maintained my contact with the Ministry of Defence and sometimes with the Ministry of the Interior, in order to pursue the file.  Consequently, at the end of Khordad 1386 [June 2007], I was informed that my file had been referred to the Directorate of Human Resources in NAJA[1].  Following my contact with the aforementioned office, the Social Security Organization of the Armed Forces was instructed through the enclosed court order to pay my retirement pension for the period from 27 Mehr 1381 [19 October 2002] (the date of my pledge to avoid propagation) until now.  In the aforementioned court order, the period between discontinuing the pension (15 Farvardin 1359 [4 April 1980]) and reinstating the pension (27 Mehr 1381 [19 October 2002]) has been recorded as a gap in my period of service, and the payment demands related to those years (around 22 years) have not been considered.  When asked about the service gap, the response was, “From the time you have pledged not to teach your religion, your pension has been reinstated.  If it becomes evident that you have started teaching, your pension will again be discontinued”


With gratitude,

Ali-Mohammad Roosta


[1] [Acronym: Police Force of Islamic Republic of Iran]