[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

Office of: Education and Training

Office: Secondary Education

Branch: ----


Public number: 4977

Private number: 2475

Ledger: 21

File: 6


Draft Type: -----

Draft Subject: -----

Attachment: [illegible]

Scribe: [illegible]


Date Written:  10 Khordad 9 [1309] [31 May 1930]

Date Transcribed: ----- Month

Date of Registration:  14 Khordad [4 June]

Date sent: ----- Month 130[9]


[Department of] Education and Endowments of Kashan

Communication number 271 was received and viewed. Considering that the educational qualifications of Mr. Ali Mohammad Khan Nabili are not sufficient for the position of high school principal, his request cannot be [presented] to the Supreme Council of Education. Should it be the case, he could introduce a person who, according to the Articles of the Constitution of the Department of Education, is qualified for the position of the school principal, and he himself could apply to be as [illegible] the founder, so that, following the necessary consultations, action could be taken based on his suggestions. The original letter that was submitted on overleaf [illegible], is submitted herewith. Habibollah Mozaffari, 12 Khordad 9 [1309] [2 June 1930]


[Handwritten note at bottom of the page]

Mr. Eftekhar to consult with me, Mozaffari, 10 Khordad 9[1309] [31 May 1930]