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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God, the Forgiver, The Compassionate,


His Excellency, the Respected Hojatoleslam Salman Bahonar

With respect and greetings for the New Year, I wish health and everlasting happiness for you and your family. Despite the efforts of you and your respected colleagues at Branch 1 of the Court, I could not achieve my goal in getting back my carpets from the IRGC intelligence organization. However, as a result, the just and fair-minded judge and a number of employees of the Department of Justice were informed of the principles and teachings of our religion, which are for the sake of unity and solidarity between human beings and peace and friendship among human societies and avoidance of any corruption and violence, and asked to change their perceptions about the Baha’i community that was tarnished as a result of calumnies, misinformation and unfair accusations.

I hope that great scholar, as well as your other fair-minded and conscientious friends, will take the positive steps towards illumination of the minds of our compatriots and become the cause of happiness of this oppressed and defenseless community, and may you succeed in pleasing God, which is the greatest divine gift.

To express my keen interest, and to inform you of the spiritual principles of my religion, I present to you some of the Holy Scriptures from the Baha’i Holy Figures. I hope that one day, you all can access our writings and books, which have been confiscated by the IRGC intelligence organization.

I implore the Almighty God that you will achieve all good, in this world and the world hereafter.


May you be joyous and victorious.

Your true friend,

Ali Ghiami