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In the Name of God

Initial Decision of Admission Committee

Number: 13

Date: 2 Shahrivar 1362 [24 August 1983]

Enclosure: -----

Mr Ali-Akbar Nasari

Student in the Electronic Course at the Technical College of Semnan


You are advised that based on:

  1.  The investigation report

and according to Article 1 and Clause (D) of the Guidelines for Students’ Admission and Final decision making about students at Technical and Service Institutions, which includes the Ministerial Directive Number 549/Aa dated 7 Tir 1362 [28 June 1983], issued by Minister of Education, you are not allowed to continue your studies due to your divisionary belief and membership in the Baha’ism sect. 



  1. Avoid unnecessary repeat visits to the Institute and other authorities.
  2. In case you choose to object the decision, you can submit your objection with documentation attached and your contact information which must include your precise address and phone number, by 15 Shahrivar 1362 [6 September 1983] at the latest. This should be registered and sent via express mail to the Department of Education and Technical Training, Shahid Motahhari Street, Semnan.
  3. An incomplete application will not be processed if the student’s precise address is not provided.
  4. If an objection is received, the Admission Committee will review it and respond by 23 Shahrivar 1362 [14 September 1983] or the decision can be obtained from Department of Education and Technical Training on 25 Shahrivar 1362 [16 September 1983].


Secretary of Admission Committee Signature