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Islamic Republic of Iran

Guardian Council



Number: 97/100/5930

Date: 23 Tir 1397 [14 July 2018]

Enclosure: -----

Classification: -----


In the Name of God

The Honourable Judge of the Court of Administrative Justice Board

With Greetings and Salutation,

Pursuant to letter number 9000/210/226551/200, dated 20 Esfand 1396 [11 March 2018], the [decision recorded in the] the minutes of the Mazandaran Province Commission on Sects and Religions, dated 9 Aban 1395 [30 October 2016], regarding how to deal with the request of the perverse Baha’i sect to close their business premises, were discussed at the meeting of the Jurists of the Guardian Council on 4 Tir 1397 [25 June 2018] and the jurists’ opinions were announced as follows:

- The [decision recorded in the] minutes of Mazandaran Province Commission on Sects and Religions subject to the complaint, was not considered to be against the Sharia Law.


Ahmad Jannati

The Secretary of the Guardian Council