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In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran Police

Rafsanjan Police Headquarters

Management, Intelligence [Office of the Police Force]

Public Places Supervision Office


Date:  4/6/87 [25 August 2008]

Number:  0147


Minutes of the Sealing [of business] Permanent/Temporary, Date:  4/6/87 [25 August 2008]


Details of the Owner of premises:  Address:  [Address provided], Name: Aghdas, Surname: Imani, Daughter of….., Birth Certificate Number:….,Date of Birth:…….Type of Trade License:  Clothing, Under Jurisdiction of Trade:…… , Owner has: Trade License /No Trade License, Reason [for sealing]:  [The owner] Did not have trade license, according to Clause 27/28 of Q.N.Ṣ. [Laws Regulating Business] and Public Places Regulation at……in the presence of: Owner/Employee,

Without any financial or physical harm [the door] was sealed on one side.


The seal was given to the Owner/Employee and the aforementioned person was instructed to approach the Trade Union to complete the legal procedures and obtain a business licence



Breaking of the seal (under any circumstances except with permit issued by the Union, the Trade Affairs Council, and the Public Places Supervision Office); the use of the sealed unit is a crime punishable by imprisonment in accordance with Clause 2 of Article 27 of the laws governing trades and Article 663 of the Islamic Penal Code.


Names of those present:


  1. Name and surname of the representative of the Public Places Supervision Office: Khorasani [signed]
  2. Name and surname of the representative of the Trade Affairs Council:  Mohammad [illegible]
  3. Name and surname of the Executive Officer of the Trade Union: 
  4. Name and surname of the Owner/Employee of the business: 


Copies sent to:


  1. Trade Affairs Committee of the city of Rafsanjan for its information
  2. The relevant Trade Union for its undertaking of the necessary legal procedures to enable the issuing of a trade license and provision of guidance to the applicant and for inspection by its official of the sealed premises.


The white copy goes to the applicant, blue copy to the Public Places Supervision Office Archives, pink copy to the Trade Affairs Council, and yellow copy to the relevant trade union