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Islamic Republic of Iran

Decision of the Personnel Office

Form: 32 Ayn (52/4) – Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization of Iran


1- Ministry/Institution: [Department of] Education

2- Employee number: [redacted]

3- Given name:  Mrs. Aghdas

4- Surname: Aghdaie Shahreza

5- Father's name: Mohammad Ali

6- Birth certificate number and place of birth: Birth certificate number [redacted]; Issued in: Town [redacted]

7- Place of birth: [redacted]

8- Date of birth:  Day 11, Month 4, Year 1309 [2 July 1930]

9- Highest level of education and field: Primary Grade six, Field: ---

10- Title of permanent position: Teacher

11- Guild: Education and Cultural, Rank: Teacher, Level: 4

12- Group: 5

13- Base: 11

14- Organizational Unit: School -- Sahahb -- Education and Training -- Area [?]

15- Location of service: Township--- Division--- Town--- Province/Region---

16- Basis: Article 14, Date: ---

17- Type of Decision: Termination from Service

According to Article 14, paragraph ‘t’ of the Employment Act, one of the primary conditions of employment and continuation of service is adherence to one of the official religions of Iran, i.e., Islam, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, or Judaism, and without any acts of corruption to those beliefs.

As you have declared your adherence to Bahaism as your religion, and in light of correspondence number 2/14331/31-5, [dated] 4/06/1359 [26 August 1980] from the Department of Education, [area] 2, in Isfahan, and correspondence number M/9, [dated] 10/02/1358 [30 April 1979], from the Legal Office of the Ministry of Education, your service at the Ministry of Education is terminated from the date of enforcement of this order.

19- Salaries, benefits, and bonuses:

20- Salaries, benefits, and bonuses indicated in this decision, for the total sum of (in letters) ----- rial are payable subsequent to legal reductions from credit --- Section --- Article ---.  

21- Date of enforcement of decision: 4/06/1359 [26 August 1980]

22- Date of issuance and decision number: Date: 9/06/1359 [31 August 1980], Number: [?] 599/15

23- Given name and surname of Officer in Charge: Niloufarneshan

Title of permanent organizational position: Director of the Department of Education of Isfahan [signature]

Original copy - Employee

Copy: complete employment file, further to correspondence 2/14331/31 [dated] 4/06/1359 [26 August 1980], is forwarded to the Department of Education, area 2.


[official stamp with number and date]

[Department of] Education, Area 2

Registration number: 15057/12

11/05/1359 [2 August 1980]


[handwritten note, date at the top of the page]

Personnel Office

11/06/1359 [2 September 1980]