Agahollah Tizfahm

Born: 04 July 1939, Maragheh, Azerbaijan

Executed by firing squad in Urmia on 10th May 1982


Agahollah Tizfahm was born into a Baha’i family.  After completing his high school education, in Tabriz he obtained a diploma in teaching and was later employed by the Ministry of Education.  He was elected to the Local Spiritual Assembly[1] of Urmia in 1971.  He was often persecuted by the enemies.  In 1979, after the commencement of the Islamic Revolution, he was dismissed from his job for his adherence to the Faith.

Agahollah Tizfahm was arrested on 29 October 1981 at his home.  He was first taken to an abandoned house and kept there for 17 days before being transferred to Urmia prison.  He was executed by firing squad on 10 May 1982, together with fellow believer Jalaliyyeh Mushtaiel-Uskuie.  Their bodies were laid to rest in the Baha’i cemetery of Urmia in accordance with Baha’i law.


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[1] Local Spiritual Assembly: a nine-member administrative body elected annually by the Baha’is of a particular area, tasked with overseeing the affairs of the Baha’i community of that area.