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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Feragh va Adyan

[Date:] 8 Aban 1385 [30 October 2006]


Unreasonable Expectations of the Government By the Baha’i Organization

According to Feragh va Adyan, Baha’is’ actions and reactions to current issues of society, relationships, and events have become a constant stereotype of the organization for expression. Recently, we are witnessing unfair criticism by the Baha’i media in relation to the performance of the government. Such protest claims are seen in the Baha’i media these days. Earlier, the Baha’i community had written a letter with these themes to the president of Iran. In these letters, the Baha’i sect’s organization had attributed unreasonable expectations to the promises and plans of the president prior to his appointment. From the context of the recent attacks, it is inferred that in the present period, the Baha’is have seen the change of government as a difference in beliefs and a change in the law, and have unreasonably considered expectations beyond political regulation and social order.

Some of the protests are that, “Mr. Rouhani promised before taking office that he would pay attention to the rights of minorities”. The Baha’is or any other class should know that committing a crime is punishable under any circumstances, and that everyone is equal before the law and that all criminals will be dealt with. If, as the Baha’is themselves claim, the number of Baha’is accused and suspects have increased in recent years, the Baha’i sect organization should see this number increase in the number of convicts in the line of its leaders, because the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran is defined and applied in accordance with the type of violation.

Baha’ism introduces all its political and non-political prisoners under the heading “Arrest for Belief in Baha’ism” and repeats this great lie to such an extent that it justifies itself in all respects and believes its false claim. But Baha’is and all those who claim [innocence] on the pretext of human rights should know that that the belief of a convicted person cannot be waived because of being a Baha’i, and that allegations of arrest and trial of individuals simply for believing in the Baha’i sect are in no way acceptable.

Poisoning the mind of the society, rioting, fraud, blasphemy, defamation, disturbing the social order, trade union violations, production and distribution of drugs, immoral cases and… not only in Iran, but with any president, in any country, are examples of crimes. But this does not [indicate] the loss of citizenship rights. Because every Baha’i is free to use the facilities of society like any other citizen, regardless of their beliefs and, of course, excepting their organizational activities.