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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 19 Mehr 1398 [11 October 2019]


Widespread Propagation of Baha’ism Under the Pretext of Celebrating the 200th Birthday of the Bab

Adyannet – These days, there are constant reports published by the Baha’i propaganda channels regarding various ceremonies being held in different parts of the world for the birthday of Ali Muhammad, the Bab (leader of Babism and Baha’ism). Celebrations and ceremonies, and the production of art works, handicrafts and film screenings, etc., are used these days as Baha’i propaganda tools.

The Baha’i channel also revealed that it was preparing special teaching programmes for children on the occasion of the Bab’s 200th birthday, and wrote in one of its reports: “In a Vancouver neighbourhood, the number of prayer sessions and educational programmes for children and young people has increased in recent months. Many of these areas have special summer schools that focus specifically on the life and teachings of His Holiness, the Bab.”

The Baha’i organization also announced plans to broadcast the live sessions of the programme online, with the aim of encouraging other Baha’is to celebrate Ali Muhammad the Bab’s birthday.

The Baha’i organization, contrary to international conventions, has a great interest in deceiving and changing the beliefs of children and inviting them to the Baha’i sect. On the pretext of the Bab’s 200th birthday, it intends to use the Baha’i propaganda tactic to distort reality, to display Ali Muhammad the Bab as an oppressed figure, and at the same time, based on his false claims, as a unique model?!

In any case, today, on the anniversary of Mr. Bab’s birth, the Baha’i organization is seriously pursuing its proselytizing and aggressive propaganda programme by distorting its thoughts and reality!