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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 27 Shahrivar 1398 [18 September 2019]


Who Licences Artistic Activities to Baha’is?!

Adyannet – For several years, Baha’i elements have been stealthy in spreading their ideas among the people through organized activities in the field of culture and art. In recent years, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the secret efforts of the members of the Baha’i organization have become public, entering some of the influential organs and spheres of the country.

Meanwhile, the Baha’i organization, in spite of not having achieved the desired results (including recognition) in the political arena of the country, has taken measures and infiltrated the cultural-artistic centres of the country in order to find its place among the artistic community and the art-loving strata of the society, or at least to have an influence on it, so that it can advance its propaganda goals. Therefore, due to the expansion of the activities of the Baha’i organization in the field of social activities and influence in the field of Islamic society, this sect has chosen the category of art as a suitable social context. Due to the language of art, which has a wide range and audience, it has been able to influence cultural centres such as the [Ministry of] Islamic Guidance, and to implement the instructions of the Baha’i organization under artistic cover.

In this regard, we were informed that Baha’i elements in Alborz Province, and especially in the cities of Karaj and Fardis, in order to implement this instruction, have taken measures to infiltrate the cultural and artistic centres of the province. From attending the Fajr Gallery in Alborz Province with the permission of the Ministry of Guidance, to holding a painting exhibition in this province; from the main responsibility of forming a Baha’i art collection in Alborz Province to the presence of talent and educational centres for cinema and theater; from appearing in the field of music to working in the theatre of Karaj, these are some of the actions of the elements of the Baha’i organization in the field of art.

Baha’i members active in this field, in addition to working in the actual world, also propagate their ideas in cyberspace. The agenda of the members of the Baha’i organization is to become close to some of the country’s celebrities and prominent artistic figures and to use them for their own benefit.

Yes; these days, the Baha’i movement in the country, especially in Alborz and Tehran Provinces, has gained new life and roots, and due to the negligence of the officials, continues with its secretive and undercover cultural activities to the extent that, when dealing with one of the elements affiliated with this organization, the voices of many celebrities and some politicians are heard.