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[Adapted from website:] Adyannet

[Date:] 27 Bahman 1395 [15 February 2017]


The [Baha’i] Policy of Causing Divisions!

Adyannet - The emergence of sects in societies has always been caused by the special conditions of that historical period. With the presence of the phenomenon of colonialism in the contemporary era, political [situations] have played the greatest role in the emergence of most sects in Islamic societies. The Baha’i sect, meanwhile, is a clear manifestation of direct colonial involvement in the birth and development of anti-Islamic thought. The formation of this sect and [its having developed a] religious flavour, with special goals such as “…de-traditionalization and secularization of social and cultural relations and ties, neutralizing factors and elements of stability against foreign culture, creating new definitions of religion and religiosity, substitution for religious institutions and ultimately economic and cultural domination over Iran...” was sought.

Thus, from its inception, Baha’ism has pursued a contentious and divisive project dictated by colonialism in order to break Islamic genuineness and national unity in Iran. It is interesting to note that the divisive Baha’i project among Muslims, which began in the nineteenth century, is still ongoing. In one of its most recent divisive actions, the Baha’i organization has baselessly, ridiculously and ludicrously criticized the Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute. In an article published on Baha’ism’s virtual networks, the author allegedly tried to disgust the Iranian Sunnis with this scientific-educational institution.

At the end of this article, a very funny claim was made by the author of this article, and its quoting is not lacking in grace: “The masters of the Shia belief feel, more than anything else, threatened by the Baha’i Faith, and they have never had the courage, magnanimity, and self-confidence to invite one follower of the Baha’i Faith to a debate...”

In response to this ridiculous claim, it should also be said that, first of all, Baha’i teachers are systematically barred from debating with Islamic scholars (in order to prevent religious failure), and it is Baha’ism which avoids engaging in direct debate with its critics, whether in audio-visual media or on virtual networks, and does not allow critics to speak and criticize its false ideas. Indeed, how many times have Baha’i intellectuals, complaining about the lack of a space for religious debate, invited the prominent Baha’i critics to their affiliated television channels (such as Noveen TV and Aeen-e Baha’i) and engaged in a scientific debate with them? Now they are accusing Shia scholars [of the same thing]!