[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



In the Name of God

Mrs. Taraneh Navidi Moghaddam

Student in -----

University -----


We have received your application form, for which [a number of] documents have been identified as missing by the (X) [on the enclosed copy].   Hence, it is essential that you send these documents together with a stamped envelope and [illegible] your residential address to: Tehran, Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, postal address 1574 – 743, so that your application can be considered:

1- First decision from Admissions Council of the University -----

2- Second decision from the Admissions Council of the University

3- Supporting documents for the above disclaimer --X--

4- Supporting documents regarding your arrest at the time of registration

5- Consent letter from the detention centre

6- Statement to support request that the Reviewing Board consider your case.--X--

[Official stamp]

Executive Committee for investigating the situation of students suspended by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education