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In the Name of God, the Peerless

Telegram to Imam and the Nation

The leader and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, may his grace and blessings endure, Jamaran– 22 Azar 1359 [13 December 1980]

Petition to Penalize Torturers of 28 Mordad [1332] [19 August 1953] to 15 Khordad [5 June]


Salutations and greetings;

With confirmation of the recent effort to appoint a judicial committee to review the condition of the prisons, I testify to the unceasing wisdom and compassion of the benevolent Imam, who shattered the plot of the despotic evil-doers. I hereby reverently remind and request penalty and punishment for those involved in the tortures in Iran during the abhorrent period of 28 Mordad 1332 [19 August 1953] until the glorious day of 15 Khordad [5 June]. These offenders overwhelmingly repressed the people, took their property and insulted the dignity and respect of the Iranian nation, as well as Muslims in other countries. Yet most of these offenders have not been brought to justice, and all of those involved in the tortures, following 15 Khordad [5 June] to 22 Bahman 1357 [11 February 1979] (the day of victory of righteousness over evil), should be punished.  Therefore, I plead to you to issue immediate instructions regarding the following:

  1. For the detestable group and criminals, whose prime activities were to torture, to be brought to justice;
  2. For the Baha’i leaders and activists, who not only fully supported the regime of Taghut and his masters but also mislead and ransacked the people; demonstrated systematic opposition to Islam; whose religion has no merit at all; and who partnered in the crimes committed by the cursed Taghut, to be punished.

The word that is currently on the tongues of the people about such tortures is by no means an exaggeration of the decree in the Quran, that is to says: “He who inflicts harm upon you, you should inflict harm upon him, in a manner he inflicted harm upon you.” God Almighty has spoken the truth.

God is the All-sufficing, Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama

We are aware that during the months of Shahrivar, Mehr, and Aban [August, September and October/November] of this year [1980], actions were taken to punish a significant number of individuals of the fifth column—meaning the Baha’i leaders and activists in Karaj and Tehran- and with the efforts of the government authorities, and the assistance of Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama, the operational cell of the Baha’is on Iranshahr Avenue, along with a publishing house and a secret warehouse on Pirouz Street, and a number of other locations in Tehran, were exposed. Various types of weapons, ammunitions, documents of plunders, anti-Islamic and anti-government publications, private documents, and copies of the Quran containing notes in refutation [of the verses] written on the margin of the pages, were discovered in Ṭehran and Karaj.  Baha’i leaders, including the chairman of the Spiritual Assembly of Karaj, and a number of others in both Karaj and Tehran were arrested.  Other than Ghods Jourabchi, Yaghoub Saedi, and Parviz Sabeti, who had already fled to America and Israel, the sons of Ghods Jourabchi and other individuals also fled the country.  It was proven beyond doubt that they were actively engaged in their systematic efforts in Iran, and under the instructions of their masters, the Great Satan (the United States) and the Zionist regime of Israel, are engaged in opposition, conspiracy and subversion. And since they were unable to defeat Sheikh Rahnama, they made plans to eradicate him, and engaged in indirect instigations against him.

On Friday, 14 Azar 1359 [5 December 1980], Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama submitted a plan of action to the Imam of the nation concerning confrontation with the Baha’i leaders and activists, as well as efforts to guide the misled Baha’i rank and file. 

Following is a description of the plan of assault by the enemy:

In the Name of God, the Peerless

On Friday 16 Aban 1359 [7 November 1980], in his sermon during the Friday prayers in Karaj, organized at the Agricultural University, Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama spoke about the victorious revolutionary operations taken against the enemy’s fifth column—particularly the Baha’i leaders and activists. He stated, “The outcome of raids against the enemy by the Islamic Revolutionary organs during the past few months resulted in some disturbing, yet valuable, findings. Presently, a number of Baha’i leaders in Tehran, Karaj, Yazd, Tabriz , and [other] who had direct involvement in the coup d’etat of 18 Shahrivar1359 [9 September 1980] are either held in Evin Prison or other detention facilities of the Imam’s Central Committee, or have already been executed.

“We call them ‘beneficial results’ because the findings have given us insights into the manner of their covert operations on behalf of the imperialists and Israelis.  Their efforts and resistance have been shattered due to the rigorous and sacrificial efforts, long continuous hours and sleepless nights of our revolutionary agents.  We also mentioned the term “terrifying” because in their secret warehouses, their team operation cells, and their so-called commercial buildings and private homes we learned of a grave plot against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and a disgraceful scheme against the Quran and Islam [illegible], plans that continue to develop. We found and confiscated two copies of the Quran at the residence of Hashem Farnoush, chairman of the Spiritual Assembly of Karaj, with handwritten notations against the verses on the margins of the pages. Also, two booklets [illegible] were discovered that clearly proves their relationships with American foreign agents and other countries. It also shows their operation centers and plans of plunder, which is being investigated. Various weaponries and ammunitions, shameful sculptures and ornaments, and a detailed list of lavish assets of Ali, Baha, and Habib Ghods Jourabchi in Tehran and other cell locations were found.  Those items, along with secret flyers and other books of Bahaism, are being investigated” and so the speech ended.

On the evening of Tuesday, 20 Aban 1359 [11 November 1980], Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama, engaged in the investigation of such anti-revolutionary acts, was traveling at night from Moslemabad and Haft Juy in Karaj to the northern parts of Karaj. As his vehicle arrived at a northwest turn, a luxurious BMW suddenly appeared before his humble van, which had its low blue headlights on as a matter of consideration, and caused him to lose control and crash into the guardrails on the side of the road and stop. 

Since the road was dark, narrow, and winding, Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama had asked the driver to drive slowly, unlike other times.  As a result of the accident, Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama’s neck, head and tongue were severely injured. He asked that his turban be removed, tore into two pieces and wrapped around his neck to prevent the bleeding. The driver who was terribly distraught tried to stop a passing vehicle.  Prior to this, however, he noticed that the same luxury BMW had parked at the bottom of the hill, and its passengers seemed aggressive. He did not pay much attention to this at first, but after three or four days, and after treatments and stiches, through speaking with witnesses he recalled that BMW quickly got away once the police vehicles arrived on scene.  The van driver was also injured on the lips and chin, though not severely. 

With the help of driver of Paykan and a husband and wife who had initially stopped to help, they managed to gather Rahnama, the driver, the weapons and other documents and transfer them to a the Paykan. That Paykan belonged to two very compassionate Air Force officers of the Islamic Republic Army. They transferred the injured to Fatḥ Hospital in Karaj, arriving around 9:30 in the evening, and a kindhearted surgeon at the hospital admitted them and immediately arranged for x-rays and performed the surgery. Fortunately, by the grace of God, and the strong spirit of the injured, the recovery was made easy, and on the following day, the mayor of Karaj and other religious leaders visited them at the hospital. Also, the night before, Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama spoke with the Sepah-i-Pasdaran [Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps] of Karaj and arranged for a few Pasdars to come in order to take the weapon(s) in their care at the Sepah Centre. 

On Thursday, with assistance from the city authorities, despite the shortage of petrol for the ambulance, he was transferred to his residence to rest and recover, while investigation to find the perpetrators continued.

No doubt that the punishment and repression of column five enemies shall continue with vigor, and it was clear all along that challenging the imperialists will have terrible consequences, though the process satisfying and rewarding.

On 26 and 28 Aban 1359 [17 and 19 November 1980] Dr Jarrah made home visits to Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama to remove the stitches from the neck surgery. And on 29 Aban [20 November], a letter was written to the Sepah-i-Pasdaran in Karaj [directing it] to pursue the Baha’i leaders of Karaj for plotting the assassination of Rahnama. On 3 Azar 1359 [24 November 1980] the ambulance from Sheikh Mostafa Khomeini hospital came to Rahnama’s residence and transferred him to the hospital for the doctors to check his ears, throat, nose and nerves, and recommended further medical treatment.

On 4 Azar 1359 [25 November 1980], an official grievance was filed with the public prosecutor of the Islamic revolution in the Central Province, a copy of which is enclosed herewith. 

On 19 Azar [1359] [10 December 1980], Rahnama was again hospitalized for two days.

Arbab Jamshid Street – [Address]

[Grievance letter]

In the Name of the Peerless God,

Brother Seyyed Asadollah Lajevardi – Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution in the Central Province - Evin

There is no other choice but to apply Islamic justice to the fifth column enemies.

The [flagrant] fifth column and conspirators attempted to kill me; I demand expeditious action to punish them.

The Islamic revolution [illegible], its protection, and its use for Islam and Muslim nations and those in need must continue. Naturally, means for its survival are required, which is Jihad. And its path cannot be any other than the path of the Imam. 

Unfortunately, we see various operatives of the Great Enemy [what Imam Khomeini called the United States], the fifth column, and other influences—in particular, the Baha’i leaders and activists—are standing against this revolution, against Islam, its independence and freedom, and so they engage in conspiracies against it. They made use of the widespread unlawful possibilities made available to them by the corrupt Pahlavi regime. Particularly the Baha’is who enjoy the public support of most international organizations, economic markets in Europe, and so on. We see that many of the officials within the government do not have an appropriate understanding about these enemies, and others do not completely comprehend the glory of Islam or the revolution. This humble servant, fully aware of the dangers and obstacles on this path, and strengthen by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with the help of the revolutionary agencies (thank God, without receiving any financial compensation), have stood against them.  The documents, publications, and individuals and their files in the Revolutionary Court and the Central Committee, as well as in the Revolutionary Court in Karaj, the Sepah, etc. is evident of this. 

Finally, once they realized they could not silence or crush me, and their plots in Qom and Tehran did not amount to anything, they decided to kill me.  And I would have been completely resolved [to die]. On 20 Aban 1359 [11 November 1980] then attempted [to kill me], but God protected my life, details of which are found on page 5 attached to this report and grievance. 

I therefore file a formal complaint herein against the leaders of the Karaj Spiritual Assembly, some of whom are in prison (their complete information are found in Farhang Mavaddat’s file records at the Revolutionary Court of Karaj).  Furthermore, I complain against the Baha’i leaders and activists in Tehran and Shahryar, particularly Baha Ghods Jourabchi, Habib Ghods Jourabchi and Abdol-Showghi Tebyani, whose addresses are available. I request their punishments expeditiously.

This is not personal a complaint, rather the enemy’s corrupt plotting, instigations and conspiracies are ongoing throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran against Islam, the Imam, the nation, and the regime of the Islamic Republic. Regrettably, the official letter number 36136 from the temporary Prime Minister to the Baha’is of Karaj is nothing but supporting the shameless destructive acts of the enemy. 

Seventeen imprisonments and four times tortures under the Pahlavi regime, with their direct assistance, ruined my health; but this latest vile attack causing me such hemorrhage, followed by the surgery, has left me frail and weak. However, with the mercy of God, I shall remain committed to Islam and carry out my vital and sweet duties. Copy of three pages from the fifth column enemy concerning [the conclusion of] Islam, plus four pages of required explanation, and one page letter to brother Pasdars in Karaj, as well as page 7 of the issue No. 5 of the Payam-I Iran-Palestine newspaper, and the envelope of the letter from the acting prime minister is enclosed.  

My brother! Allow me to add these few brief lines in closing, as it is vital. 

The recent address of warrior [jurist] Ayatollah Montazeri, Ayatollah Ghoddousi, revolutionary prosecutor general, Hojjatol-Islam Mohammadi Rayshahri, the Sharia Magistrate of the Revolutionary Prosecution of the Islamic Republic Army, concerning the fifth column, Islam’s connection to politics, and the need to perpetuate the Islamic revolution, and the necessity of punishing anti-revolutionaries and plunderers, and the fifth column of the enemy, and finally the speech today of Prime Minister, Mr.  Rajaie, regarding the firm stance required against the plunderers who violate the Sharia law, and those who have accumulated wealth, all indicate that in this era that we are in direct war with the Great Satan and their allies such as Saddam, Israel, Sadat, King of Jordan, and their fifth column, we must act with knowledge and decisiveness, for which we must fight and lay down our lives. And by uprooting the prime enemies of the Islamic revolution, establish our truth and gain our victory, and “protect this God-given trust, Divine Ministry, this Qur’anic matter, with our hearts and souls, and extend and establish [this victory] to our neighboring countries.”

“Prevent the annihilation of this divine trusteeship and avert victory of the enemies and safeguard the people’s life and possessions.” [Illegible]” (the Quran)

Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama