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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Kashan


Number: ------

Date: [31 Khordad of 1324 – 21 June 1945]


As a result of a report from Aran received by the Acting Governorate of Kashan, on Tuesday 28 Khordad 1324 [18 June, 1945], Mr. Fahim, acting governor, came to Aran and gave useful guidance to both sides.  The advice of Mr. Fahim on behalf of the governor was very timely; owing to his advice, the complaint received at the Gendarmerie [police] station by Mr. Ramezan-Ali Lame and a few other people was withdrawn. Owing to the acting governor’s attention, order is restored in our locality.


Signatures of the four Baha’is of Aran and Ramezan-Ali Lame


This is a true copy of the original number registered as 21, confidential, [dated:] 31 Khordad 1324