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Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamic Revolutionary Court of Fars

Fars Province-Shiraz

Date: 12/9/1367 [3 December 1988]

Number: 3446

Enclosure: one file


On 13/9/1367 [4 December 1988] the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Fars in its sitting with the following presiding signatories, considered the file of Mr. Ali Akbar Rouhani son of Abdolhossein ----- age of ----- residing at ----- criminal history ----- with regard to his propagation of the Baha’i sect and participation in the Baha’i conference in London, and other allegations as cited in the bill of indictment. The accused attended the court hearing, the minutes of which are attached to the file, and defended himself after learning the charges and the allegations. Thereafter, the court was satisfied that the case was dealt with satisfactorily and issued the following verdict:


Court Verdict

With respect to the allegations against Ali Akbar, son of Abdolhossein, regarding proselytizing of the Baha’i sect and participating in the Baha’i conference in London, in light of the documents on file and the defence by the accused, the fact that his activities against Islam and/or the Revolution came after the victory of said Revolution and given he is still residing in the country it is ordered to acquit him and return his possessions, [illegible] Islamic Republic.

Sharia Judge and President of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, Fars Providence